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“The Power of Food”
“There is no Neutral”
“Ain’t It Awful Club”

We know the power of inspiring and motivating your team.

We love INSPIRATION as much as the next team, but any motivational message that neglects providing your team with the TOOLS to turn that inspiration into affective forward progress for themselves and those they serve, is only half the battle.

We can’t wait to speak to you and your teams, but we REALLY can’t wait to hear how you are using the principles for change to create greater amounts of fulfillment in your lives.

We can’t wait to hear about the greater levels of community and connection on your teams.

And we really can’t wait to hear how these empowering steps create a greater good within the walls of your schools, amongst the students and staff.  


The K12 Powerplant: Serving with Passion and Positivity

Our K12 Nutrition Services team members throughout the country have a more significant role than many realize.  They are the one place in the school that sees every child! We know they serve food, but they often serve our students so much more in terms of relationship and connection. Let Jason show you team how our K12 Nutrition Services Teams set the TONE for their Schools.

There is no Neutral

Many slog through their days, doing what they’ve always done, paying little attention to the ways their routines affect themselves or their workplace. This presentation shows how in each moment you are either Inflating or Deflating yourself and those around you.  (Hint…It’s Way More Fun to Inflate!)

Overcoming the Odds

As my friend Jack Canfield says, “Success leaves clues.” Many believe that those who are living out their best selves and fulfilling their dreams are merely lucky.  This message uses the power of our stories to show how implementing The Success Principles creates lasting change and the fulfillment of your greatest vision for your life. “Work the principles and the principles work!”

Lifting the Fog

Mental health challenges have become a national epidemic. We all have team members who deal at some level with fear, depression, anxiety or an overwhelming sense of sadness. With authenticity and gentleness, we share tools and encouragement for facing your mental health concerns and persevering through the challenge. “This too shall pass…”

Want to have your team inspired and trained to be a K12 Powerplant?

“Great message! Very positive & motivational, not only for a great work environment but tools to use in our everyday life. Held back tears hearing his wonderful message!”

Wendy Tampubolon, Aurora Public Schools Nutrition Services Team Member 
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