Generating Positive Energy in Our Schools

What does K12 Powerplant offer us?

We offer uplifting change through POSITIVITY TRANSFORMATION TOOLS that will help YOU and YOUR TEAM get from where you are to where you want to be!

We connect you with a COMMUNITY of other Passionate K12 Food-Pro’s who can lift one another up and dream big together.

You are more IMPORTANT to your school than you know! We’ll give you a new VISION for your role and help you use these new tools to turn your cafeteria into a Positivity POWERPLANT for your school.

What People are Saying about K12 Powerplant

“Great message! Very positive & motivational, not only for a great work environment but tools to use in our everyday life. Held back tears hearing his wonderful message!”

Wendy Tampubolon, Aurora Public Schools Nutrition Services Team Member

“Your session was spectacular.  Your voice was, and will continue to be, heard by everyone involved in managing through our industry’s evolution.”

Chris Jeens, Manufacturers’ Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry (MAFSI) President 

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The Dream: Becoming a K12 Powerplant

We all want to make a difference. We all want to be a part of a story that is larger than us and has positive ramifications on those around us. Can you imagine the changing energy in our K12 Nutrition Services teams when they realize this greater opportunity to influence those their building.

What if they learned of a higher calling and opportunity to affect their buildings for good (we call this PASSION). And what if they were given tools of Positive Psychology to help students live out are larger story in their buildings and their lives.

What if we allowed our cafeterias and school nutrition professionals who are feeding bellies at school in order to give our children (our future) energy for learning and play a greater role in their school. 

What if these were the places where we also fed connection and community?  What if in these walls and through these relationships, we fostered confidence?  What if here we taught students the power of laughter to release stress and tension?

We encourage our teams to then offer these SKILLS to the students and teachers they serve. They are literally feeding their schools and can now offer a new kind of ENERGY to those they serve.

With a new passion and a set of positive tools to help drive that passion, our K12 Nutrition Services teams effectively become POWERPLANTS, creating a new energy in themselves and their teams to spread throughout their schools and communities.

Yes! I want to Feed Positivity to My Team and School!
Feed Our Team Positivity!

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